UC-Mini App

UC mini is a best leading browsing software which is very lightweight in size. Install UC mini APK app fast now and also download UC browser and UC news app.


download uc mini for low storing capacity phones

UC mini browser works with great efficiency and support and it is a tiny web mobile browser and better suited for light weight mobiles and devices which have the lower storing capacity in them . The UC mini browser currently considered as one of the most popular app and it is also the tiny sized mobile browser among all the browsing software by far . UC mini browser is a free mobile browser which is also available for desktop platform it is also owned by the Chinese Company and is a part of Alibaba Group of Company and was officially launched in April 2004 which is available for almost all mobile platforms including desktops as well . There are many browsers in the market that lack the full-screen mode but UC mini browser have this feature . In the full screen mode the users can easily and comfortably watch any video in their android device and it is the mode in which the users can hide the options and can play any video on the full-screen mode and enjoy watching it .

Download UC mini browser now

This is another interesting feature that comes from UC mini browser and that is the night mode as UC mini browser has an inbuilt manager and that is the night mode for its users . In this mode the users can use it while there is not sufficient light and it will not affect your eyes at all . The users can easily watch the videos in their android device in a comfortable way without affecting there eyes . There is another interesting feature which is incognito mode in this mode you can protect your privacy as whatever you browser in this mode wont be shown in your browsing history . Cloud server is also an interesting and useful feature of UC mini browser as the work of the cloud server is to compress the data and then show it to the users of android device which help the user to save there time . Trust me you should try this app once so download it now .

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